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With firsthand experience and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by our community, we stand ready to serve as trusted allies on your wellness journey.

Meet Jane McKeon

Founder, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Meet Jane McKeon, a skilled licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with a background spanning over 25 years in the mental health and substance abuse field. Jane's dedication lies in ensuring the health and wellness of first responder personnel, making a profound impact on the lives of those who serve our communities. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by police, fire, and corrections personnel, Jane specializes in clinical work with numerous departments. Her compassionate approach and empathetic nature have earned her the trust and respect of the first responder community she serves.

Notably, Jane is CISM certified under the esteemed Mitchell Model through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. This certification reflects her commitment to providing specialized critical incident stress management, equipping her to address the complex emotional needs of first responders following high-stress situations.

Jane's wealth of experience and comprehensive knowledge enable her to offer a wide range of therapeutic approaches, tailored to each individual's needs. Whether it's providing confidential support in times of crisis, offering relationship counseling, or focusing on substance abuse issues, Jane's expertise is a beacon of support for those seeking help.

As part of the First Responder Wellness of Merrimack Valley team, Jane McKeon plays a crucial role in our mission to prioritize mental wellness beyond crisis intervention. Her dedication to empowering first responders and fostering resilience within the community aligns perfectly with our values.

We are honored to have Jane McKeon as a valuable member of our team, enriching the lives of countless first responders through her compassionate care and unwavering commitment to their well-being. Together, we continue our shared mission to build a healthier and more resilient first responder community.

Meet Joe Rizzuti

Founder, Law Enforcement (Retired)

Joe Rizzuti is a founding member of First Responder Wellness of Merrimack Valley, an organization providing mental health and wellness services and training to first responders in the region. With over 27 years of experience as a retired police officer, Joe has dedicated himself to supporting his brothers and sisters in the first responder community. Coming from a firefighting family, he intimately understands the challenges faced by those in the field.

Passionate about first responders' mental health, Joe believes that access to quality and confidential mental health services should be available to all. His commitment is to ensure that first responders have the best resources to stay healthy and well.

In addition to his remarkable career, Joe is a survivor of a harrowing motorcycle accident, defying the odds to return to the job he loves. Yet, he has also experienced his share of traumas, including the loss of a good friend to police suicide and a line-of-duty death within his agency.

Joe holds certifications as a peer support specialist, a Substance Abuse Counselor specializing in First Responders and their families, and a Certified Recovery Coach. With a Bachelor's degree in Law Enforcement Management, he is well-equipped to serve those in need. Joe's expertise extends to training in suicide prevention and intervention as a member of the local critical incident team.

A nationally published author, Joe shares his personal journey in "A Cop's Story," shedding light on growing up with a learning disability and overcoming challenges to become a police officer in a bustling urban environment.

Beyond his work at First Responder Wellness, Joe advocates strongly for mental health awareness, actively working to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental illness. His dedication and compassion make him a valuable asset to the team, making a genuine difference in the lives of first responders in the Merrimack Valley.

Meet Amy Doolin, LICSW

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Amy earned her Master’s Degree from Boston University School of Social Work. She has over 25 years of experience practicing therapy for adults, adolescents, children, and families. Her professional journey has led her through various settings, including residential programs, school systems, health care clinics, and home-based treatment. She has had the honor and privilege of serving a diverse range of populations in terms of age, culture, and socioeconomic status.

Amy has valuable expertise in treating a host of diagnostically significant symptoms. Her primary focus has been treating those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Acute Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Substance Use, and Life Adjustment Issues. Her experience in treating those who have experienced trauma as well as her skills with crisis intervention, has made her a valuable resource to First Responders including Firefighters, Police Officers, and Correctional Officers.

Amy has also personally experienced significant loss. Married to a Police Officer for over 10 years and losing him to cancer has given her an intimate experience with grief and trauma. It demanded that she learn the skills to cope as well as navigating the process and stages of grief. It has also given her the motivation and passion to work with other officers as well as their partners and families.

Amy uses a host of different treatment modalities depending on the needs of the individual. She allows the client to guide the session. Additionally, she is well versed in helping others develop coping strategies, stress management techniques, and embracing a more positive outlook. Amy is a well trusted clinician and her approach is empathic and engaging. She is deeply committed to helping individuals realize their strengths and resiliency. She holds a steadfast belief that every person has the potential to improve their capacity for growth towards leading healthy lives.

"Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, being a first responder means being the calm in the storm, dedicated to making a difference when it matters most."

- Anonymous First Responder

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